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100% Pure Essential Oils from Nature

Natural Therapy Essential Oils


Call us at 6285 7080 to order

Essential oils are highly concentrated form of botanical oils that can provide therapeutic benefits.

The history of essential oils started when a chemist Gattefosse suffered burn to his arm, he used the nearest liquid to relieve his pain, which was some lavender oil. The essential oil offered relief without scarring. Gattfosse called this therapeutic field as Aromatherapy. Before this Plant oils were used by the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Middle Eastern and Chinese in salves and poulitces

Essential oils contain plant hormones, nutrients and thousands of other bio-chemicals. Planting methods, ways of harvesting, distillation, manufacture, and storage affect the quality if Essential Oils. But the most important considerations is purity.

Essential oils can help promote feelings of wellness by stimulating the part of the brain that controls emotions. The oils can help with respiratory issues, calm a restless mind, increase feelings of happiness and help you meditate. Essential Oils are known to have many health benefits, and can relieve conditions such as High blood pressure, Eczema, Water Retention, Stress, Insomnia and many others.

There are many ways to use essential oils, for example when you inhale the scent of an essential oil, and Essential oils are also easily absorbed through your skin when applied on the skin  

The quickest way to enjoy the benefits of many oils is to smell directly from the bottle or from a few drops on your hands.

For applying on the skin dilute them with a carrier oil or cream,  dilute it to a very low concentration with sweet almond, grapeseed or jojoba oil.

When blending for children remember to lower the concentrations.

Essential Oils for Common Health Issues

Essential oils can help relieve stress, improve sleep, relief pain and increase energy levels.

Here are some health benefits of essential oils:

Stress    - Lavender, peppermint, vetiver,  ylang ylang

Insomnia - Lavender, chamomile, jasmine, sandalwood, sweet marjoram

Pain Relief –Clary Sage, Juniper, Eucalyptus, Rosemary

Increase Energy - Cinnamon, clove, Rosemary, Sage

Popular Ways to use essential oils :

Massaging Essential oils on the skin

Heating Essential oils in a diffuser

Rubbing Essential oils onto temple, under nose

Spray Essential oils in the room  


We have one of the widest range of pure essential oils in Singapore.  

We have been selling pure essential oils in Singapore for close to 20 years. You are welcomed to our showroom at Ubi to view the full range of essential oils we carry.

All our essential oils are 100% pure and we sell only therapeutic grade essential oils imported from Australia for use in Aromatherapy.

We are able to offer you the such high quality oils at a fair price because we are wholesalers of essential oils. We supply our essential oils to many spas and therapists in Singapore.

Remember, Essential Oils applied onto the skin are absorbed into the body and that is why we use only pure and natural ingredients, and you and your clients should too.

(* We have special discounts for massage students, massage salons and spas in Singapore. Contact us for the Student/Professional price.)




Stringent Quality Control

All our Essential oils have been tested in Australia to very stringent standards to ensure the purest quality oils. (Read more about our testing methods.)

The Essential oils are selected, tested and certified according to International quality guidelines - with accredited certification under the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The GMP is an internationally recognised standard controlled by Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention Scheme. (Read more about types of certification)


We have an extremely wide range of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils available for you to choose from, click on the name to read more about the oils.

Call us at 6285 7080 to order

  Essential Oil Botanical Name
1  Basil Sweet France Essential Oil  Ocimum Basilicum
2  Bay West Indies Essential Oil  Pimenta racemosa
3  Bergamot Ivory Coast Essential Oil  Citrus aurantium ssp. bergamia
4  Cajeput Ambon Essential Oil  Melaleuca cajeputi
5  Carrotseed West Indies Essential Oil  Daucus carota
6  Cassia Cochin Essential Oil  Cinnamomum cassia
7  Cedarwood Atlas Algeria Essential Oil  Cedrus atlantica
8  Cedarwood Himalayan Essential Oil  Cedrus deodara
9  Cedarwood USA Essential Oil  Juniperus virginiana
10  Celery Seed West Indies Essential Oil  Apium graveolens
11  Chamomile Roman France Essential Oil  Anthemis nobilis
12  Chamomile German Extra Blue Essential Oil  Matricaria recutita
13  Cinnamon Ceylon Essential Oil  Cinnamomum zeylanicum
14  Citronella Ceylon Essential Oil  Cymbopogon nardus
15  Clary Sage French Essential Oil  Salvia sclarea
16  Clove Java Essential Oil  Eugenia caryophyllata
17  Cypress Provence Essential Oil  Cupressus sempervirens
18  Elemi Philippines Essential Oil  Canarium luzonicum
19  Eucalyptus Australia Essential Oil  Eucalyptus radiata ssp.radiata
20  Eucalyptus Blue Gum Australia Essential Oil  Eucalyptus globulus
21  Fennel Sweet France Essential Oil  Foeniculum vulgare
22  Fir Needle Siberian Essential Oil  Abies sibirica
23  Frankicense West Indies Essential Oil  Boswellia ssp.
24  Geranium Egyptian Essential Oil  Pelargonium graveolens
25  Ginger Cochin Essential Oil  Zingiber officinalis
26  Grapefruit Australia Essential Oil  Citrus paradisi
27  Hyssop France Essential Oil  Hyssopus officinalis
28  Jasmine Egyptian Essential Oil  Jasmine grandiflorum
29  Juniperberry Himalayan Essential Oil  Juniperus communis
30  Lavender French Alpine Essential Oil  Lavandula angustifolia
31  Lemon Cold Pressed Australian Essential Oil  Citrus limon
32  Lemongrass Nepal Essential Oil  Cymbopogon flexuosus
33  Lemon Eucalyptus Australia Essential Oil  Eucalyptus citriodora
34  Lime Cold Pressed Mexico Essential Oil  Citrus aurantifolia
35  Mandarin Australian Essential Oil  Citrus reticulata
36  Marjoram Spanish Essential Oil  Thymus mastichina
37  Marjoram Sweet France Essential Oil  Origanum majorana
38  May Chang China Essential Oil  Litsea cubeba 
39  Myrrh France Essential Oil  Commiphora molmol
40  Myrtle Dalmation Essential Oil  Myrtus communis
41  Neroli Bigarade France Essential Oil  Citrus aurantium ssp amara
42  Niaouli Pacific Islands Essential Oil  Melaleuca quinquenervia
43  Nutmeg Javanese Essential Oil  Myristica fragrans
44  Orange Bitter Brazil Essential Oil  Citrus aurantium ssp amara
45  Orange Valencia Essential Oil  Citrus sinensis
46  Palmarosa Himalayan Essential Oil  Cymbopon martinii var. motia
47  Parsley Seed France Essential Oil  Petroselinum crispum
48  Patchouli Javanese Essential Oil  Pogostemon cablin
49  Peppermint Australian Essential Oil  Mentha piperita
50  Pepper Black Cochin Essential Oil  Piper nigrum
51  Petitgrain Bigarade Paraguay Essential Oil  Citrus aurantium ssp. amara
52  Pine Austrian Essential Oil  Pinus nigra
53  Rose Otto, Bulgarian Essential Oil  Rosa damascena
54  Rosemary Spanish Essential Oil  Rosmarinus officinalis
55  Rosewood Brazilian Essential Oil  Aniba roseodora
56  Sage Dalmatian Yugoslavia Essential Oil  Salvia officinalis
57  Sandalwood East Indian Essential Oil  Santalum album
58  Sandalwood West Indian Essential Oil  Amyris balsamifera
59  Spearmint USA Essential Oil  Mentha spicata
60  Tangerine USA Essential Oil  Citrus reticulata var. tangerine
61  Tea Tree Australian Essential Oil  Melaleucca alternifolia
62  Thyme Red Spanish Essential Oil  Thymus vulgaris
63  Vetiver Javanese Essential Oil  Vetiveria zizanioides
64  Ylang Ylang Madagascar Essential Oil  Cananga odorata