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Massage DVD


A wide range of Massage DVD titles covering many different massage techniques. From Swedish Massage to Foot Reflexology, you can learn a wide range of massage techniques to improve your skills as a massage therapist.

Beginners can use these videos as a starting point for learning massage, and Students can use them to revise their lessons and techniques, and supplement what they learn from a massage course.  


And the professional therapist can use them to update and refresh their techniques or to learn a new technique to add to their abilities.


Many spas in Singapore use these Massage DVDs to train new staff and refresh the knowledge of experienced staff members.


Check with us for discounts on orders of 2 DVDs or more.



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Therapeutic Massage
Donna Sunday

Increase the healing power of your touch! 

This DVD shows 3 massage routines utilizing 90 techniques. You will learn a clothed compression routine, Swedish relaxation sequence, and a detailed muscular sequence.


Contraindications, using oil, appropriate draping and self care for the practitioner are included. 
Each technique is clearly shown with a description, intention, and common mistakes. 

If you want to expand your current techniques, or are starting from the beginning, this video is for you!

Donna Sunday is the teacher of a College level massage training course at Santa Barbara City College. (70 min)



Mastering Chair Massage
Diana Haynes

Master the art of chair massage. This beautiful program will teach you over 50 techniques that you can incorporate into a 10, 15, or 30 minute chair massage. Covers advanced techniques and foundational material such as chair setup, body mechanics, communication, the business of chair massage, how to adapt your sequence, and marketing. 


Many of the techniques are supported by anatomical graphics that make learning easy. After you have mastered the techniques, we have included a timed 15 minute session so you can master the art of timing as well - sometimes the most difficult part of chair massage.

INSTRUCTOR: Diana Haynes has been practicing various forms of bodywork for over 30 years. She brings her technical skill and clear teaching style to this great DVD! (91 min)



Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Sean Riehl

This beautiful 90 minute DVD will guide you through the anatomy of the lymphatic system, the location of nodes and drainage patterns, as well as contraindications and indications for lymphatic drainage massage. 


Then Sean Riehl leads you step by step through over 60 techniques covering the face and body.
With a clear presentation and hundreds of computer graphics, learning Lymphatic Drainage has never been easier. 


Also included are techniques to perform Lymphatic Drainage on yourself, as well as an interview with Allen Mills, a prominent Lymphatic Drainage therapist. Donít Miss out! Improve your skills by learning lymphatic drainage today!  (90 min)



Positional Release Therapy
Diana Haynes

Positional Release therapy is an excellent way to release hyper-sensitive tissue easily and quickly. 


Similar to Orthobionomy, Strain Counter-Strain, and Neuromuscular Re-Education, this technique uses the bodyís nervous system to remind the muscles to relax. 


The technique consists of precise positioning and the use of a monitor point to relax the muscle in an effortless way. This comprehensive DVD shows how to release the most common dysfunctions with ease and skill.  (176 min)



Sports Massage
Molly Verschingel

This comprehensive DVD includes more than two hours of footage detailing 13 sessions that will give you the tools to work with runners, cyclists, swimmers, tennis players and other athletes.


Learn about the physiological principles that govern sports massage and the differences between each sport. 


The 13 sessions include a pre-event massage for runners, an inter-event massage for tennis players, and a post-event session for cyclists. 


Includes sequences for the following injuries: plantar fascitis, shin splints, ITB syndrome, hamstring strain, neck pain, back pain, ankle sprains, patellar tendonitis, tennis elbow and the rotator cuff. 


Each session is a complete treatment protocol that will help to keep your athlete in top shape, recover from injuries, and improve their performance. 


This DVD also includes information on stretches, sport psychology, diet, and how to set up a massage station at a sporting event. 


Comes with a 14 page booklet that mirrors the techniques shown in the video. (120 mins)









Clinical Shiatsu

John Hickey 


Learn to use Shiatsu to treat back and neck pain, with advanced assessment tools and meridian pairing techniques. 


This comprehensive DVD covers the majority of the primary meridians, and includes multiple sequences that you can use to vary your work on each client. 


It also includes Back-shu Points, Ashi points, evaluation in terms of excessive or deficient, chi or blood stagnation, a meridian review and much more. 


The most advanced Shiatsu video avaliable! (2 hr)




Thai Massage

Richard Gold


Learn the ancient art of Thai Massage with master instructor, Richard Gold. This beautifully filmed DVD features over 3 hours of instruction and over 170 detailed techniques. 


Each technique is clearly demonstrated showing proper alignment, positioning and proper body mechanics so that pressure can be applied effectively and effortlessly. 


The sequences are divided into prone, supine, sidelying and seated. In each sequence you will learn to use your hands, forearms, knees, legs, and feet to bring the receiver into a deep state of relaxation.

This DVD includes traditional Thai stretches, work on the Sen energy lines plus abdominal massage. Mastering Thai Massage is one of the most comprehensive programs available!

Richard Gold is a licensed acupuncturist and holds a doctorate in psychology. In 1989 Dr. Gold graduated from the program in Nuad Bo-Rarn at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He is a senior instructor and board member at I.P.S.B. in San Diego. (3 hours)




Reflexology for the Feet and Hands

Geri Riehl


Learn to give a wonderful foot and hand massage incorporating reflexology! 

This informative DVD covers 8 lessons. Includes a postcard sized chart. (40 min)


Lesson 1: History of Reflexology
Lesson 2: Working the 10 foot zones
Lesson 3: Working the organ reflexes
Lesson 4: Working the gland reflexes
Lesson 5: General foot massage
Lesson 6: Working the 10 hand zones
Lesson 7: Working the organ reflexes on the hands
Lesson 8: Working the gland reflexes on the hands




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