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100% Pure Essential Oils

Essential Oils Main Page
Essential Oils Description
C G K O S W  
D H L P T X  
Table of Essential Oil Properties
Retail Price List
Essential Oil recipes

Properties of Essential Oils

Essential Oil Scent Mental Physical
 Basil Sweet France Sweet & Spicy improve memory, keep awake Relieve migraine, muscles aches
 Bay West Indies Warm  Calming Relieves aches, hair problems
 Bergamot Ivory Coast Spicy Citrus helps depression, helps sleep treat cold/flu, appetite control
 Cajeput Ambon Sweet & Herbal Stimulating, Balancing Good for Flu
 Carrotseed West Indies Sweet & Earthy Increase creativity Anti-oxidant, treat mature skin
 Cassia Cochin Warm Stimulating Digestive complaints
 Cedarwood Atlas Algeria Dry & Woody Calming Reduce Phlegm
 Cedarwood Himalayan Dry & Woody Helps Mediation Well Being
 Cedarwood USA Woody, balsamic relief fears, strengthen will Hair loss, treat cellulite
 Celery Seed West Indies Fresh celery  Sedative, promotes sleep reduce skin puffiness
 Chamomile Roman France Sweet & warm Soothing, helps insomnia treats skin inflammation
 Cinnamon Ceylon sensual & spicy bolster confidence, warming ease cold/flu, warm the body
 Citronella Ceylon lemon scent Uplifting Mosquito repellant, treat arthritis
 Clary Sage French Sweet & spicy treat depression, calm hyperactive relieve PMS, headache & migraines
 Clove Java Warm & spicy Improves concentration Tendonitis, sore muscles, sprains
 Cypress Provence Woody, pine like Eases grief & anger. Relieve Menstrual cramps & menopause
 Elemi Philippines Spicy citrus Feeling of peace & joy Strengthen immune system
 Eucalyptus Australia Fresh, Camphor treats negative feelings. Relieve cold/flu, nasal decongestion
 Eucalyptus Australia Blue Gum Clear and sharp Clears the head Relieves cold/flu and diarrhoea
 Fennel Sweet France Sweet refresh sluggish mind Detoxification, restore muscle tone
 Fir Needle Siberian Balsamic and refreshing Warming Relieve asthma, and aids recovery from flu
 Frankicense West Indies Rich, sweet & Woody helps indecision, emotional pain Dry nose & throat. Treat scars, wrinkles.
 Geranium Egyptian Fresh & sweet, Rose like Relieve depression. Relieve jet lag, treat acne & bruises
 Ginger Cochin Fresh ginger sharpens senses treat digestion problems
 Grapefruit Australia Light citrus Balancing, dispels anger & anxiety Ease muscle aches, improve circulation
 Hyssop France Woody Clear negative energy Treats sinus, asthma
 Jasmine Egyptian Honey sweetness, sensual Aphrodisiac, increase confidence Menstrual cramps, stomach cramps
 Juniperberry Himalayan Peppery & sweet helps when emotionally drained Detoxification, muscular aches
 Lavender French Alpine Floral, Herbal Anti-depressive. Treat Insomnia. Relieve phobias. Relieve headaches, detoxifies, cold/flu, skin problems - acne, burns, cuts, scars
 Lemon  Australian Fresh lemon Rejuvenating Helps digestion, clears congestion. Sore throats. Mouth ulcers.
 Lemongrass Nepal Sweet Lemon Stress relief, treat exhaustion Oily skin, reduce cellulite
 Lemon Eucalyptus Australia Woody lemon Comforting Anti-inflammatory. Arthritis & rheumatism
 Lime Cold Pressed Mexico Zesty & Fresh Boost energy Ease stomach cramps, stimulate appetite
 Mandarin Australian Sweet & fruity Relieve restlessness and anxiety Skin toner. Travel sickness.
 Marjoram Spanish Spicy & sweet Combat loneliness, grief sore muscles, sprains
 Marjoram Sweet France Warm & spicy Very Calming & sedative Relieves painful muscles
 May Chang China Sweet citrus Uplifting & sunny Stimulating for digestion
 Myrrh France Balsamic & earthy increase motivation. Reduce worrying Treat Cracked skin. Gum infections & mouth ulcers
 Myrtle Dalmation Yugoslavia Fresh and sweet Relieves anger Treat pulmonary disorders
 Neroli Bigarade France Beautiful floral Euphoric Relieve insomnia, treats skin disorders
 Niaouli Pacific Islands Fresh & Sweet Clear confusion Strengthen immune system
 Nutmeg Javanese Strong & spicy Invigorates the mind, induces vivid dreams. Aphrodisiac Treat Nausea. Treat muscle pain.
 Orange Bitter Brazil Refreshing  Increases energy Helps digestion, and helps prevent colds/flu
 Orange Valencia Refreshing orange Create positive attitude Ease constipation. indigestion. skin regeneration.
 Palmarosa Himalayan Light Floral Lessens jealousy, feel more secure Skin problems - acne, wrinkles, mature skin
 Parsley Seed France Herbal Relieve mental strain Relieve asthma 
 Patchouli Javanese Musky & earthy Sedative Treat fungal infections. reduces dandruff.
 Peppermint Australian Minty & refreshing Provides clarity Treat indigestion. Jet lag & nausea. Headaches & migraines.
 Pepper Black Cochin Sharp & spicy Increase alertness, sensual & aphrodisiac Treat digestive problems
 Petitgrain Paraguay Sweet, Floral treats exhaustion Deodorant. Reduce scars and stretch marks.
 Pine Needle Austria Fresh forest treats mental fatigue Strong antiseptic. Helps kidney disorders.
 Rose Otto, Bulgarian Beautiful, deep, long lasting Powerful aphrodisiac, calming and soothing. Strong anti-depressive Excellent in treating all skin problems. All skin types - matured, oily, dry
 Rosemary Spanish Fresh, Herbal Focusing, improve concentration Relieve muscle aches & pains. Pre/post sports massage
 Rosewood Brazilian Sweet woody Strengthening, relaxing Combat tired muscles
 Sage Dalmatian Yugoslavia Spicy herbal Calming Mouth & throat infections. relief tense muscles
 Sandalwood East Indian Rich, sweet, woody Treats depression, insomnia. Good for meditation Balances skin - reduces oily skin & moistures dry skin.
 Sandalwood Australian Rich, sweet, woody Treats impotence. Reduces fears Treats most skin problems - acne, eczema, scars
 Sandalwood West Indian Woody & spicy Calming Calming
 Spearmint USA Sweet & minty Stimulates tired mind Relieve motion sickness, bad breath and aids digestion
 Tangerine USA Light citrus, tarty Uplifting, reduces moodiness Relief muscle cramp, treat cellulite
 Tea Tree Australian Camphorous, herbal Clears the mind Powerful antiseptic & antibacterial. treat athlete's foot, skin fungus. Runny noses and coughs.
 Thyme Red Spanish Herbal Energizes the mind, reduces anger Eases aches. Disinfects the environment
 Vetiver Javanese Rich, smokey Calming Detoxification
 Ylang Ylang Madagascar Sweet, Floral Relaxing. Treats depression. Erotic aphrodisiac. Balances dry or oily skin. Promotes hair growth.
Essential Oils
C G K O S W