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Special Blend Essential Oils






We have a beautiful collection of Specially Blended Essential Oils for you to use in your Spa, in the Office or at Home 

Blended with pure and natural essential oils, they smell heavenly and you will fall in love with them.




  Gentle Sleep Essential Oil Blend 




Helps clients with sleep problems.



A special Essential Oil blend that helps you relax and let go and brings you gently into a deep and restful sleep.


Blended with premium quality pure Chamomile oil from Italy

* Retail Price
EBGES 10 ml S$33.90   

  Flu Relief Essential Oil Blend 




Helps relieve flu symptoms and help the recovery process



A special Essential Oil blend that contains various essential oils that help to relieve flu symptoms. The pure essential oils in the blend are also known to have anti-viral and anti bacterial properties.


* Retail Price
EBFLU 10 ml S$33.90   

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We have an exclusive range of special massage oil blends that is used for working with specific problems.

We can also help you customize signature blends exclusively for your spa use, contact us at 6285 7080 to find out more.

* We have special discounts for massage students, massage salons and spas in Singapore. Contact us for the Student/Professional price.