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Towel and Sheets

We carry a wide range of good quality towels, sheets and linens. All the basic items you will need daily in your massage practice. 

Large Terry Towels

Extra large terry towels to make it easier for you to drape round your client. Covers the massage bed up to the face hole.

90 cm x 150 cm (35" x 60")

Available only in White

 TWL  S$12.90
Giant Terry Towels

A blanket sized terry towel that covers the entire bed. 

Available in White / Dark blue / Beige / Dark Brown.

115 cm x 203 cm (45" x 80")

TWXL  S$19.90
Premium Terry Towels - Custom Made

We can custom make towels for all sizes and thickness.

Please call or email us with your requirements.

Cotton Fitted Sheets

Fitted Bed Sheets with a custom made face hole opening. Cotton material. Helps protect your bed from oil and scratches.

Various colors


BSC  S$25.00
Terry Fitted Sheets

Fitted Sheets with face hole opening. Terry Towel material.

Available in Dark Blue, Dark Green, White


BST  S$39.50
Premium Jacquard Skirting Sheet

Premium jacquard cotton sheet that covers the whole bed, including the legs

Height of skirt: 63 cm

Available in Cream Color.


BSSKIRT  S$95.00
Disposable Bed Sheets
Woven paper cotton bedsheets for use on your massage bed to absorb oil and maintain hygiene. Can also be used to cover pillows.

Size: 178 cm x 178 cm

Pack of 10 pcs.

DBS  S$9.50
Table Protection Sheet
These are the ultimate protection for your table against oil, body fluid and general damage. 

Plastic on one side and fabric the other. The protection sheet goes under your towels and bed sheets.

TPS  S$45.00
Massage Bed Warmer

Electric Massage Bed Warmer to keep your clients warm in an air-conditioned room.

Place the Bed Warmer on top of the bed, and cover with a towel. Your client will feel nice and toasty during the massage.

The Bed warmer is made of cotton fabric which is extremely comfortable for your client.

Comes with a digital hand control.

Size: 32 inch x 73 inch.

TBEDWM  S$128.00
Fleece Topper for Massage Bed

Fleece Topper for placing on top of massage beds to make the bed top softer and plusher. And it also keeps the customer warmer.

Recommended to use a fitted sheet on top of the fleece.

Comes with a precut hole or with no hole.

TFLEECE  S$113.00
Terry Face Crest Covers
Cotton covers for your Face Crest attachment

Available in Dark Blue, Dark Green, White

FCC  S$12.90
Disposable Face Hole Cover
Very effective protection for your face crest or bed face hole. Rectangle sheet with special pre-cut for face hole. Woven paper surface.

Pack of 100 pcs.

DFHC  S$19.50


Terry Bath Robe - Unisex

Premium Terry towel bathrobe used by 6 star luxury hotels. 
Extra soft velvet cut finishing.

Kimono style with a belt to tie around the waist. 

Available in white


ROBET  S$55.90

Cotton Waffle Bath Robe - Unisex
Very comfortable cotton waffle material bathrobe. Thinner than the terry towel robe.

Kimono style with a belt to tie around the waist.

S size for most Asians.

L size for taller guests.

Available in white

ROBEW  S$23.90


Terry Sarong

Premium Terry towel Sarong used by International Cosmetic Brands. 
Extra soft finishing.

Expandable elastic, secured at the chest with buttons. 

Available in white


SARONGT  S$19.90

Silk Bathrobe - Unisex

Luxurious and soft bathrobe. Thinner than the terry towel robe. Made from synthetic silk.

Kimono style with a belt to tie around the waist.

Available in Brown

ROBES  S$23.90

Silk Boxer Shorts - Unisex

Luxurious and soft boxer shorts. Made from synthetic silk.

Available in Brown


ROBEW  S$7.90

Premium Slippers - Unisex

Comfortable EVA slippers that are reusable and waterproof.

Available in Black