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The Best Tweezers in the World 

I have tried many different tweezers from around the world - Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, and after trying the LaVaque tweezers, I realised that they make the best tweezers in the world. 

LaVaque tweezers are extremely sharp, letting you pluck even the smallest hair and at the same time, very little pressure is required to press the tweezer together. When you have to pluck hundreds of hairs each day as a professional, soon you will realise what a difference this tweezer makes to your life.

LaVaque first started out making tweezers for the Diamond industry under LaVaque Tools - professional diamond merchants and craftmen required precised tools for handling and setting precious diamonds. The diamonds had to be handled carefully as any flaws would affect their grading and hence value. 

LaVaque then applied their R&D to making the best tweezers in the world for the beauty market. LaVaque is so proud of their tweezers, they offer a Lifetime warranty - It doesn't matter how you damage your tweezer, whether through daily use, or even if you drop it! Just mail them back the damaged tweezer and they will post you a new one! No questions asked.



Read what professional make up artists and Hollywood professionals say about the LaVaque Tweezers:



"As a celebrity makeup artist with my own Emmy Award winning Luxury brand of CosmeNutrients™ called EVE PEARL , we insist on only the finest of all tools and accessories. LaVaque Tweezers is my choice to carry in our Experience Makeup Studio and Boutique located in the heart of New York City . Our favorites are the slanted and mini slanted tips. The jeweled LaVaque Tweezers are not only sleek and stylish, they are comfortable to use with great precision and ease of maneuvering. In my opinion, they are a “must have” for any professional and all those who want to be… Eve Pearl"

Joanna Schlip, CELEBRITY MAKEUP ARTIST/ judge on the hit series, Blush: “The Search for the next Great Makeup artist” / Los Angeles, CA

"These tweezers are nice and sharp- allowing great precision and good results. Not to mention the cute crystals are easy on the eye!”"

Victoria Rowe, Celebrity Makeup Artist / Los Angeles, CA


"They're so light and easy to use, it was almost shocking to the system! Usually I use my Tweezerman or Anastasia tweezers on a shoot, but last week when I shot with actress Katy Mixon (co-star of HBO's "Eastbound and Downward" and co-starring in the new Sandra Bullock movie), I was thrilled at how easy the LaVaque tweezers were to use. Katy remarked that she didn't feel them at all, which was a BIG plus, and I was able to clean up fine brow hairs quickly and with very little effort. I will be using them exclusively from now on!"

Amy Kernahan, Professional Makeup Artist, Amy Kernahan Studio / New York, NY


 "I am a makeup artist and brow specialist and have tried every tweezer on the market. When I found LaVaque tweezers my world changed! Most days I can see up to 30 clients, these tweezers are so sharp and effective that my appointment times have almost been cut in more pulling at the hair repeatedly with dull tweezers!! Thank you LaVaque!"

Mitzi Spallas, Celebrity Hair/Make-up Artist, Cloutier Agency / Los Angeles, CA

"LaVaque Tweezers are here and they are FIERCE! When I opened my first box full of LaVaque Tweezers, I felt like it was Christmas!!! They are everything a girl could want (Especially a girly-girl like me!) The reason girls love make-up in the first place are the colors, the sparkles, and the toys. Well, with LaVaque Tweezers you have all three! My name was engraved on them, they have beautiful crystals inset in them (and even a diamond in one!), and they really do the job. They are sharp, and have so many different tips and strengths. I never knew tweezers could come in so many different styles!

I gave some to one of my clients on a night when she won yet another "Best Actress" Screen Actors Guild Award. Her name was engraved on them and there were beautiful sparkling jewels on them...I could tell she was thrilled to receive them. What a wonderful gift!! I can't wait to give them to all of my clients. You never really think of giving tweezers as a gift to someone, but LaVaque has changed that. It is amazing how many people get excited over a cool set of tweezers! I must admit, I am the envy of all of my make-up artist friends. Although I know someday they will all have them! However, I'll revel in having my own personal engraved set for now. Thank you LaVaque!"


Standard Slant Tweezer

The most popular tweezer in our range. Glamorous, Meticulously accurate, and with a Lifetime Guarantee… LaVaque is a girl’s new BFF!

  • Professional precision

  • Matte finish for non-slip grip

  • Ultra-thin tips easily lift the hair, while perfectly hand-filed tips give you the best grip

  • Lightweight

  • Soft-tension, specially engineered to reduce strain on your fingers

  • Lifetime Guarantee – You break ‘em, You dull ‘em, We replace ‘em. No questions asked. Just mail it back and receive a new one.


 LVSLANT S$28.90
Swarovski Slant Tweezer - Pink

Standard slant tweezer embedded with beautiful Pink Tourmaline Swarovski Crystals. Great as a present.

LVSWP  S$39.90
Swarovski Slant Tweezer - Tanzanite

Standard slant tweezer embedded with beautiful Purple Tanzanite Swarovski Crystals. Great as a present.


LVSWT  S$39.90
Swarovski Slant Tweezer - Ruby

Standard slant tweezer embedded with beautiful Ruby Swarovski Crystals. Great as a present. 


LVSWR  S$39.90
Swarovski Slant Tweezer - Crystal

Standard slant tweezer embedded with beautiful Clear Swarovski Crystals. Great as a present. 


LVSWC  S$39.90

Pointed Tweezer designed for removing difficult problems like ingrown hair, splinters, stubborn blackheads


 LVPOINTED  $28.90
Mini Slanted Tweezer

Travel size mini slant tweezer.


 LVMINIS  $23.90
Mini Pointed Tweezer

Travel size mini pointed tweezer 


 LVMINIP  $23.90