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Candle Making Supplies

We stock a wide range of candle making materials. Make your own candles at home in a few simple steps, no training or special skills are needed.

Great for making a personalised gift for Birthdays, Christmas or any special occassion. 


All you need to get started is:

1) Candle Wax  (and a pot to melt wax)

2) Candle Container 

3) Scented Oil

4) Color Chip

5) Wick  (with wick holder & wick sticker)


- Attach wick to bottom of candle container. Use a wick sticker or glue gun. (Use a wick holder to keep wick straight while pouring wax.)

- Melt Wax. You can melt wax in a microwave using our wax jug. For melting on the stove, use double boiling - put wax in a container, and put the container into a pot of water, so when the water heats up the wax will melt.

- Pour selected scented oils and color chip into melted wax, stir to mix.

- Pour warm wax solution into candle container.

- Leave Wax to cool.

And your candle is ready to use!


Candle Wax

Special soya wax used to make container candles. 

It comes in flake form for easy handling and use. 

Suitable for making Tea lights on its own. 

The amount that you will need will depend on the container size. 

Our jars and bottles show the size in ML, for example 142ml. This means you will need 142ml of wax to fill one container. (1kg = 1000ml)

Comes in 1kg and 5kg packs


 CMWAX1L  S$18.90
 CMWAX5L  S$83.00
Wax Jug

1 litre wax jug for melting your wax in the microwave.

Comes with a long spout for easy pouring. 

We recommend separate jugs for different fragrances.


 CMJUG  S$7.90
Candle Wick

Candle wicks in different thickness to suit different containers.

To select the perfect wick you need to test different wicks based on the container size, fragrance added and color. Each variable affects the burning speed.

How long you leave the candle burning also affects your choice of wicks. For example, If you leave the candle burning for 1 hour each use, compared to leaving the candle burning for 3 hours - you would use different wicks.

The general rule is that for longer durations, use a thinner wick size and for shorter burning times, use a thicker wick size. 

On average, Wick 4 is for 2-3 hours of burning.

The perfect wick is all about testing.

 CMWICK1 (thinnest)

S$0.20 / pc
 CMWICK2 S$0.20 / pc
 CMWICK3  S$0.20 / pc
 CMWICK4 S$0.20 / pc
 CMWICK5  S$0.20 / pc
 CMWICK6 S$0.20 / pc
 CMWICK7 (thickest)  S$0.20 / pc
Wick Stickers

Stickers to attach the candle wick to the base of the container before pouring in the wax.


 CMSTICKER  S$0.15 / pc
Wick Holder

Wooden wick holder to keep the top of the wick straight inside the container before pouring in the wax.

Insert wick through hole and rest wooden stick on top of the candle container.


S$0.30 / pc

Red Cinnamon Red
Ruby Red Autumn Orange
Cerise Cranberry
Orange Maple
Salmon Melon
Brown Mahogany
Rustic Maize
Butterscotch Dark Yellow
Gold Sage Green
Bright Green Avocado
Xmas Green Bayberry
Forest Green Hunter Green
Aqua Marine Turquoise
Aqua Teal
Blue Navy Blue
Colonial Blue Purple
Burgundy Mauve
Lavender Orchid
Pale Pink Sand
Ivory Grey
Smoke Grey Black
Color Chips

42 colors available.

As a guide, use 1 dye chip for every 500 grams of wax. 

More vibrant colours can be achieved by using more than 1 dye chip per 500 grams.

Pack of 5 chips.

Use colors shown as a guide. Actual candle color will vary from screen color. 

Not for bath products.




Glass Jar - Votive, Clear

Clear Glass container in a round shape. 

55ml - 4.8 cm (D) x 6.5cm (H)


 CMG1  S$1.90
Glass Jar - Votive, Color

Colored Glass container in a round shape. (pls check for stocks)

55ml - 4.8 cm (D) x 6.5cm (H)


 CMG2  S$2.90
Glass Jar - Round, Clear

Clear Glass container in a round shape. 

240ml - 7 cm (D) x 8.5cm (H)


 CMG3  S$1.90
Glass Jar - Round, Clear

Clear Glass container in a short round shape. 

270ml - 11 cm (D) x 8 cm (H)


 CMGC4  S$3.90
Glass Jar - Apothecary, Frosted

Frosted Glass container in Apothecary shape. 

285ml - 10cm (D) x 8.8cm (H)


 CMG5  S$3.90
Glass Jar - Flat Lid, Clear

Clear Glass jar with a Flat top glass lid. Comes in 2 sizes.

 5.5 cm (D) x 7.5 cm (H)

 7.8cm (D) x 10.2cm (H)


 CMG6S  S$3.90
 CMG6M  S$4.90
Glass Jar - Knob Lid, Clear

Clear Glass jar with a Knob top glass lid. Comes in 2 sizes.

 5.7 cm (D) x 9 cm (H)

 7.8 cm (D) x 11.5 cm (H)


 CMG7S  S$3.90
 CMG7M  S$4.90
Glass Jar - Knob Lid, Frosted

Frosted Glass jar with a Knob top glass lid. 

  7.8 cm (D) x 11.5 cm (H)


 CMG8  S$4.90
Glass Jar - Black Straight

Beautiful handmade black clear glass candle jar.

 7.5 cm (D) x 8.9 cm (H)


 CMG9  S$3.90
Glass Jar - Black Tapered

Beautiful handmade black clear glass candle jar. 

 8.9 cm (D) x 10 cm (H)

 CMG10  S$3.90
Glass Jar - Bowl Shape

Bowl shape candle glass jar.

 10 cm (D) x 8.5 cm (H)


 CMG11  S$3.90
Glass Jar - Square Shape

Unique beautiful handmade square candle glass jar. 

 9 cm (D) x 9 cm (H)


 CMG12  S$5.90
Glass Jar - Extra Large

Tall candle glass jar with flared base.

 8 cm (D) x 15.5 cm (H)


 CMG13  S$6.90
Mosaic Lantern

Beautiful handmade glass Mosaic Lantern. Can be used to hold a tea light candle, or pour wax inside to make a candle.

150ml - 8.2cm (D) x 6.2cm (H)

Avaliable in 4 colors:



Dark/Light Green

Dark Red/Multi color


 CMMOS  S$6.90

Aluminum Tin with Lid

103ml - 7.2cm (D) x 4.4cm (H)

150ml - 8 cm (D) x 5.2 cm (H)


 CMTIN103  S$3.90
 CMTIN150 S$4.90

Thermometer for monitoring your wax temperature.

You can melt wax and pour without a thermometer, but using a thermometer allows you to record down the temperature and the effect it creates. 

Different wax temperature produces different patterns. So this will allow you to re-create your favourite patterns.

From 0 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius.


 CMTHERM  S$8.90
Fragrance Oil

30 lovely special candle scents available to choose from.

Fragrance should only be added just before you are ready to pour, as once you add the fragrance the temperature of the wax will drop. 

Because of this, if you want to pour at a particular temperature, then heat your wax 5 degrees hotter and add in your colour, then your fragrance and you are ready to pour.

As a guide, add 7% fragrance of the wax weight


- 1kg of wax (1000gm), will need 70ml of fragrance. 

- 100gm of wax will need 7ml of fragrance.

You can also use essential oils instead of candle fragrance oils. Essential oils will give your candles a natural aroma. But take note that as essential oils will evaporate over time,  the scent will not last as long as candle fragrance oil.

Comes in 100ml bottles.


Bulgarian Rose
Christmas Cedar
Apple Jack
Baby Powder
Black Cherry
French Pear
Rain Water
Strawberry Shortcake
Japanese Honeysuckle
Peppermint Eucalyptus
Sensual Amber
Ocean Breeze
Banana Bread
Chocolate Fudge
Exotic Woods
Fruit Slices
Fresh Bread
Honeydew Melon
Jack Frost
Lemon Verbana