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Pedicure Accessories

We have a wide range of Pedicure accessories for use in your Spa, Nail Salon or at Home. 

The items on this page are specially for Pedicure use - the rest of the pedicure items like Nail polishes, Nail buffers and more, can be found on the Manicure page as they are shared items.

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Toe Separator

Toe Separator for pedicure treatments

 PTS S$1.90

Foot File

Pedicure paddle for foot filing


PPP  S$2.90
Stainless Steel Foot Rasp

Stainless Steel file for bunions and rough skin on the heel of the feet


 PSF  $6.90
Tea Tree Deodorising Lotion

Natural Tea Tree lotion formulated to moisturise and deodorise the feet. Blended with pure Tea Tree essential oils, a natural antiseptic.

250 ml & 1 litre size


 PTTL250  $15.90
PTTL1L  $33.90
Tea Tree Foot Soak

Natural Therapy foot soak salt crystals - blended with Tea Tree essential oils to deodorise the feet

350ml jar


 PTTFSK  $16.90
Tea Tree Foot Scrub

Natural Therapy ready to use foot scrub - blended with Tea Tree essential oils to deodorise the feet, and natural vegetable oils to moisturise dry skin.

350ml jar


 PTTFSC  $16.90
Tea Tree Foot Mask

Natural Therapy Foot Mask - use after a soak and a scrub to nourish the skin. Blended with Tea Tree essential oils to deodorise the feet

350ml jar


PTTFM  $16.90
Plastic Foot Basin

Plastic foot basin for soaking the feet or doing foot scrubs.

White color.

Length: 50 cm

Width: 39 cm

Height: 15 cm


BASINP  $28.90
Wooden Foot Basin

Natural Pine Wood foot basin for soaking the feet or doing foot scrubs.

Diameter: 40 cm

Height: 17 cm


BASINW  $59.90
Copper Foot Basin

Premium quality Foot Basin made of copper. 

Perfect for use in 5 star resorts or spas. Light weight

Diameter: 40 cm

Height: 15 cm


BASINC  $198.00
Salon Stool - Short

A shorter stool with castors for you to roll around. Ideal for foot reflexology or pedicure treatments. Height adjustable. 

Available in Black.

Pedicure Foot Rest

Standalone Pedicure Foot Rest for use with any chair or sofa

Comes in Black color

Foot Rest Size: 41 cm x 15 cm, Height: 43 cm 

PREST  $68.00
Pedicure Foot Rest with Basin

A movable foot rest with wheels for your client to rest their feet on. Features include:

- Adjustable height feet rest

- Seating pad

- Drawers

- Foot Basin with jacuzzi jets for the feet. 

Ex-stock PVC in dark brown


PFOOTB  $249.00

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