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Essential Oils Main Page
Essential Oils Description
C G K O S W  
D H L P T X  
Table of Essential Oil Properties
Retail Price List
Essential Oil recipes

Natural Therapy Essential Oils

At Natural Therapy we use only therapeutic grade essential oils in our products.
Remember, Essential Oils applied onto the skin are absorbed into the body and that is why we use only pure and natural ingredients, and you and your clients should too.

* We have special discounts for massage students, massage salons and spas in Singapore. Contact us for the Student/Professional price.

Essential Oils Description  O - R



Orange Bitter Brazil  (Citrus aurantium ssp amara)

A tree with hardy branches and beautiful white flowers. Fresh, dry and floral aroma with a rich, sweet undertone. 

3 essential oils are produced from this tree: Neroli, from the flowers; Petitgrain, from the leaves; Bitter Orange, from the rind of the fruit.

It has a very calming action on a nervous stomach. Orange will help balance gastric problems such as diarrhea and constipation. It stimulates bile flow and helps with the digestion of fats and aids absorption of vitamin C. This makes it beneficial for use with colds, bronchitis and fever.

In addition, the relaxing nature of the oil helps relieve stress found with painful and sore muscles. The oil causes the system to relax. It is useful with clients who have insomnia or restless sleep.

This oil is good for the skin. It encourages the removal of toxins in congested skin. Orange helps with the formation of collagen. It appears to deal effectively with dry skin, wrinkles and dermatitis. 

Overall this is a wonderful essential oil. It leaves the room smelling fresh and uplifts the mind. It is one of the favourites amongst the elderly.

* Retail Price
EOBOR 10 ml S$18.50
EOBOR5 50 ml S$46.00


Orange Valencia (Citrus sinensis)

Sweet and refreshing, just like the fruit. 
With a rich, fresh citrus scent, the essential oil of Orange lifts the spirits yet is calming to the nerves. Uplifting and cheery.

Its scent also helps us face our fears, let go of obsessions and create a positive mental attitude.  

Orange oil may help ease constipation, indigestion, and may calm a nervous stomach.  Add to massage oil for digestive system.

It increases circulation when applied topically and helps  regeneration, making it good for cracked and chapped skin, wrinkles and dermatitis.  Orange oil also gets the lymphatic system moving when congested and helps fight colds and flu as well.


* Retail Price
EOVOR 10 ml S$18.50
EOVOR5 50 ml S$46.00


Palmarosa Himalayan (Cymbopon martinii var. motia)

Palmarosa has a light, lovely floral aroma which is uplifting. 

It aids clarity of mind, lifts the mood and soothes the spirit. This helps us feel more secure with ourselves and lessens our need to cling to others.  It also helps us let go of jealousy in relationships by  opening us up to unconditional love, and it lifts the spirits.  

Physically, palmarosa oil is great for the skin.  It is a cell-regenerator, anti-inflammatory and hydrates the skin and is used successfully for acne, wrinkles, scar tissue, dry and sluggish skin, eczema and psoriasis.  Use it with Lavender and other recommended oils as a rub or in a bath.

It makes a wonderful skin care oil when mixed with Sweet Almond Oil. It stimulates cellular regeneration and moisturises making it particularly good for mature skin care and acne.

* Retail Price
EOPAL 10 ml S$18.50
EOPAL5 50 ml S$46.00 


Parsley Seed France (Petroselinum crispum)

The parsley plant is very nutritious in vitamins A and C. It is also widely used as a herbal remedy to stimulate hair growth and suppress numerous ailments. 

Sweet, spicy warm fragrance is tonic and astringent. 

Mentally it helps relieve nervous strain. 

Physically it relieves Asthma and other respiratory conditions. 

Also used to relieve nausea.


* Retail Price
EOPAR 5 ml S$18.50   


Patchouli Javanese (Pogostemon cablin)

Patchouli oil is extracted via steam distillation from its leaves and flowers.  

It has a musky, earthy, exotic aroma. Soothes and uplifts the spirit.  It can be stimulating in high doses and sedating in low doses and helps ease stress and nervous tension.  It is also grounding and helps sharpen the mind. 

It blends nicely with citrus oils and is a wonderful aphrodisiac. Nice sensual properties, and a Musky aroma that  lingers. 

Like Tea Tree, Patchouli is also good for certain skin ailments as it contains astringent, and anti-inflammatory actions and is a cell regenerator.  Use it with jojoba oil on acne, dermatitis, eczema, cracked skin, scars, wrinkles, loose skin and oily hair and scalp.  It also helps against athlete’s foot, and other fungal infections.

It is soothing to the skin and is reported to be especially good for mature skin. Useful in protecting dry, mature or blemished skin.
Use on scalp for dandruff.


* Retail Price
EOPAT 10 ml S$18.50
EOPAT5 50 ml S$46.00


 Pepper Black Cochin (Piper nigrum)

The unripe, dried berries of the black pepper plant are steam distilled to produce the oil.  

The pungent, woody, spicey scent is sensual and stimulating. 

Black pepper oil is known for being a mental stimulant when inhaled, and helps increase concentration and alertness. 

It also increases ones energy and endurance. Moreover, black pepper is said to help during times of adversity, encouraging feelings of hope and faith. 

Physically, black pepper may ease the pain associated with arthritis, sprains and strains, muscle soreness, rheumatism, and neuralgia.  

It is also a great digestive aid and helps with constipation, appetite loss, indigestion, heartburn and nausea.  

And last but not least, it is a wonderful aphrodisiac.  


* Retail Price
EOPEP 10 ml S$28.50 
EOPEP5 50 ml S$58.50 


Peppermint Australian (Mentha X. piperita)

A refreshing minty scent that is invigorating and cooling.

Peppermint when inhaled acts as a mental and physical stimulant, providing clarity and helping with mental exhaustion and depression.  It also can helps release pride and feelings of inferiority.  

Peppermint is an all-rounded oil that works on many different body systems.  

It is a wonderful digestive tonic and helps with indigestion, heartburn, gas, travel sickness, nausea, and abdominal cramping.  

Peppermint also acts as an expectorant and decongestant, so use it in a diffuser, bath or with steam inhalation for bronchitis, sinusitis, coughs, and general lung congestion.  Use it in a bath to help with slight fevers and to help ease colds and flu.  

It is also a great oil for use in massage as it stimulates lymphatic flow and drainage, eases muscular aches, pain and stiffness, sciatica,  and rheumatism

It is also an excellent remedy for headaches and migraines (use with lavender).  

Peppermint helps the skin retain moisture, relieves itching, and can help against ringworm, scabies and athletes foot.  

It is a terrific insect repellent, especially effective with mosquitoes and ants.


* Retail Price
EOPPM 10 ml S$18.50   
EOPPM5 50 ml S$46.00  


Petitgrain Bigarade Paraguay (Citrus aurantium ssp. amara)

The difference between Petitgrain and Neroli oil is the part of the bitter orange tree that is distilled.  Petitgrain oil is derived from the leaves, while Neroli comes from the flowers.  

Although both share a wonderfully sweet citrus tone, Petitgrain has a woody undertone, reminiscent of earthy potatoes, with a slight floral back note.

This essential oil is used to balance our central nervous system and thus can help when we are feeling nervous, anxious, stressed as well as when we are fatigued, depressed, and exhausted.  it may be helpful for those coming off of tranquilizers, and can help with insomnia.  

Petitgrain oil can help ease asthma that is brought on by anxiety or nervousness.  

It is a great deodorant as it helps arrest excess perspiration.  

As a tissue regenerator, it is good for scars and scar prevention as well as stretch marks. 

* Retail Price
EOPET 10 ml S$20.50
EOPET5 50 ml S$49.50


Pine Needle Austrian  (Pinus Nigra)

A tree with long, stiff needles growing in pairs. The cones are brown in colour and pointed. Bark is reddish brown and deeply grooved. The best oil comes from the buds and young needles. 

It is found in the cold upland regions of Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. 

Pine is very good for treatment of chest infections. It is a powerful antiseptic and useful for bronchitis, laryngitis and flu. As an expectorant it helps clear sinuses and ease breathing. Inhalations of pine are equally good for colds, catarrh and sore throats.

Pine has a stimulating effect on the circulation and its warming aspects are useful for rheumatic pain, gout, and arthritis. 

Use only small proportions and low dilutions for blending. 




* Retail Price
EOPINE 10 ml S$18.50   
EOPINE5 50 ml S$46.00   


Rose Otto, Bulgarian (Rosa damascena)

Rose essential oil is one of the most expensive oils in the world. 1000 kg of roses are used to produce 1 litre of the essential oil. It is produced via the water distillation of its petals

Rose oil has the most beautiful scent among all the essential oils. A Deep long lasting fragrance that is relaxing, and very seductive.

It's scent is timeless and has been the symbol of love, comfort and healing for ages.  

Use it to seduce or to entice a lover. The scent is irresistible and once you smell this oil, you will never forget the fragrance.

As a fun aphrodisiac, mix it with jojoba and massage it onto your skin to smell like a fresh rose.

A very soothing and calming aroma, rose oil is also helpful when one is experiencing grief, heartbreak, anger, jealousy, resentment or loneliness.  It is relieves depression (including post-natal) and sorrow, increasing one’s sense of well being.

Considered the skin's best friend, it contains anti-inflammatory, astringent and cell-rejuvenation properties.  It is a great choice for helping with broken capillaries, eczema, psoriasis, abscesses, boils, dermatitis, burns and swelling.  


* Retail Price
EOROSE 5 ml S$248.00   


Rose Otto 3% Dilution


Pure Rose dilution in pure jojoba oil. This is a cost effective alternative to actual oil. Retains the same scent as the more expensive oil.



* Retail Price
EO3ROSE 10 ml S$38.90   
EO3ROSE5 50 ml S$118.00   


Rosemary Spanish (Rosmarinus officinalis)
Rosemary is one of the oldest plants used for food and medicine. Rosemary oil has a fresh, herbaceous scent. 

It is well-known for its action on the mental level, sharpening memory and concentration, stimulating and clearing the mind.  It is a favorite for periods of intense concentration like exams.

Rosemary’s analgesic and antispasmodic properties also aid in relieving muscular aches and pains, headaches, migraines, sprains, tendonitis, arthritis, and rheumatic pain.  Helps to relieve muscle aches. A muscle relaxant which is perfect in Pre and Post sports rubs to maintain suppleness. 

It is one of the top oils recommended for hair loss (along with cedarwood and lavender).  Most sources recommend adding about 30 drops of rosemary oil to 1 Tablespoon of jojoba oil and massage into the scalp before bed for 10 minutes.  Do not rinse until the following mornings shower.

Also Helps combat water retention and cellulite. 

* Retail Price
EORMS 10 ml S$18.50
EORMS5 50 ml S$46.00 


Rosewood Brazilian (Aniba roseodora)

Rosewood is a tropical tree growing wild in the Amazon basin. It has a sweet-woody, floral-nutmeg aroma.

Like Sandalwood East India, this oil is becoming increasingly rare.

It is gently strengthening and calming.
Rosewood is a relaxing oil with a beautiful woody, floral fragrance. 

Add to massage oil to help combat tired muscles - especially after vigorous exercise. 

Has a steadying and balancing affect on nerves, useful during exams. 

A good anti-depressant and may help migraine and ward off general malaise.

* Retail Price
EORW 10 ml S$28.90 
EORW5 50 ml S$77.50 
Essential Oils
C G K O S W