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Massage Beds

We have the widest range of portable massage beds in Singapore for you to choose from. Many of our Massage tables are portable and can be folded up and kept away when not in use.

For the Student or Home User, we recommend the Australian Bodyworks Superlite massage bed which is affordable and well made.

Firm n Fold massage beds are extremely stable and are designed for the professional massage therapist. They are ideal for those working in a home spa or in the salon.

Touch America massage beds are the widest bed at 76cm, and the longest at 210cm (including headrest). The ideal bed if your clients are very tall. With extra thick cushioning, this is an extremely comfortable bed. 

Meridian massage beds are the lightest beds available. Well constructed and compact, they are easy to carry around and to store away. 

Meridian massage tables are the most suitable for massage workers who do house calls and need a bed that is stable and yet easy to carry around.

The Spa Bed is the perfect bed for setting up a spa. It is well made and affordable, ideal for putting into individual massage rooms. 

The other massage beds are models with specific uses. We do not keep stock of them and they can be ordered in upon request.




* Click on the Model Names to see more photos & details


  Firm n Fold
    Zuma Portable
  Touch America
    Master Body
    Supa Lightwt
    Spa Bed
Massage Beds
Model Price Type Height  Width   Weight 


Spa Massage Bed
(Not Portable)
S$288.00 Fixed  Fixed 66 cm 18 kg
Firm n Fold Basic
 S$299.00 Portable  Adjustable  71 cm 16 kg
ABW Wide
 S$388.00 Portable  Fixed  66 cm 13 kg
Firm n Fold Zuma Portable
 S$638.00 Portable  Adjustable  66 cm 14 kg


Touch America
Master Body Worker
 S$699.00 Portable  Adjustable  76 cm 15 kg


Meridian Supa
S$899.00 Portable  Adjustable  66 cm 9.5 kg

 Massage Chairs

 Firm n Fold
 Desktop Headrest
S$298.00  Desktop  52 cm x 43 cm 4 kg     
 Firm n Fold
 Upper Back Massage Chair
S$399.00  Adjustable  1.4 m 7 kg    
 Healing Hands Foot Reflexology
 Sofa with Leg Rest Stool
*S$499.00  Reclining  80 cm x 80 cm 10 kg    
 Pedicure Foot Rest
 with Basin
S$249.00  Movable  -  -    

 Yoga Floor Mats

 Wai Lana Extra Thick
 Yoga & Pilates Mat
S$48.50  Mat  61 cm x 173 cm 0.5 kg    

Premium Spa Beds

Model Price Height Width  Weight 
 Firm n Fold
 Premium Spa Bed


 Adjustable 71 cm 50 kg
 Touch America
 Luxury Spa Bed


 Adjustable 79 cm 50 kg
 Firm & Fold
 Basic Liftback
  Electric Table

Power Adjustable

Electric Table

68 cm 80 kg
 Firm & Fold
 Basic 3 section
  Electric Table

Power Adjustable

Electric Table

68 cm 80 kg
 Firm & Fold
  Powerlift Liftback 
  Electric Table
Power Adjustable
Electric Table
68 cm or 73 cm 100 kg
 Firm & Fold
  Powerlift 3 section 
  Electric Table
Power Adjustable
Electric Table
68 cm or 73 cm 100 kg
 Firm & Fold
  Day Spa Bed 
  Electric Table
Power Adjustable
Full Electric Table
68 cm or 73 cm 100 kg

Wet Room Hydrotherapy Spa Beds

Model Price Height Width Weight
 Touch America
  Wet Table
   (Fixed Base)
S$2188.00  Fixed 73 cm 20 kg
 Touch America
 Wet Table
  (Electric Table)
S$4388.00  Power Adjustable 73 cm 60 kg

Special Order Beds

Model Price Type Height  Width   Weight 
 ABW Adjustable  S$499.00 Portable  Adjustable 66 cm 13 kg
 ABW Liftback  S$538.00 Portable  Adjustable 66 cm 15 kg
 Firm & Fold Featherlite S$728.00 Portable  Adjustable 66 cm 10.5 kg
 Firm & Fold Liftback S$728.00 Portable  Adjustable 66 cm 10.5 kg
 Meridian Mini-Me S$879.00 Portable  Adjustable 66 cm 8.5 kg
 Earthlite Spirit  On request Portable  Adjustable 76 cm 15 kg