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Special Blend Massage Oils






We have a beautiful collection of Specially Blended Massage Oils for you to use during your massage sessions. 

Blended with pure essential oils, they smell heavenly and your customers will love them too.


  Relaxing Balinese Massage Oil




Relaxing and Calming blend



A beautiful blend of oils that is entrancing and extremely relaxing. Calms the mind and spirit, and brings one back to the tranquil resorts in Bali. One of our most popular massage oil blends.

* Retail Price
MBRBS 100 ml S$15.90   
MBRB1L 1 litre S$79.90  

  Gentle Sleep Massage Oil 




Helps clients with sleep problems.



A special massage blend that helps you relax and let go and brings you gently into a deep and restful sleep.

* Retail Price
MBGESS 100 ml S$15.90   
MBGES1L 1 litre S$79.90  

  Koh Samui Massage Oil 




Relieves aches, pains and tense muscles. 

Warm sensation when massaged onto the skin.



A special Thai blend of herbs and essential oils that warms the muscles and relieves aches, pains and tense muscles. 

Ideal for sports massage or deep massage.

* Retail Price
MBKSS 100 ml S$15.90   
MBKS1L 1 litre S$79.90  

  French Lavender Massage Oil 




Very Relaxing and relieves stress.



An extremely popular blend that smells wonderful. Blended with pure French Lavender essential oil, it will help your customer relax and de-stress. 


Customers have been known to drift into a restful sleep while being massaged with this blend.


* Retail Price
MBLAVS 100 ml S$15.90   
MBLAV1L 1 litre S$79.90  

  Slimming Massage Oil 




Help detoxify and break down cellulite in problem areas.



Natural Therapy special slimming massage oil is made with pure essential oils. 

This special slimming blend aids the body in its process of breaking down fats. Used during a massage, the oil helps with fatty deposits and cellulite problems by increasing the circulation and detoxifying the system.

Works best with a massage following a body wrap treatment (i.e. Dead Sea Mud wrap, Green Clay wrap or Seaweed wrap)


* Retail Price
MBSLIMS 100 ml S$26.90
MBSLIM1L 1 litre S$148.00

  Awakening Massage Oil 




Refreshing and uplifting blend.



Use to massage tired bodies and minds. This fresh citrus blend helps rejuvenate the senses, and used together with a brisk massage will both destress and refresh.



* Retail Price
MBAWS 100 ml S$15.90   
MBAW1L 1 litre S$79.90  

  Sensual Massage Oil 




Creates a sensual mood, and helps awaken the senses.



A sensual blend that makes you feel sexy and relaxed. Good for improving the libido and lessening inhibitions.


* Retail Price
MBSENS 100 ml S$15.90   
MBSEN1L 1 litre S$79.90  

   Refreshing Peppermint Massage Oil 




Refreshing and Clears the mind. Good for sinus and congestions.



A bright and minty massage blend that refreshes and clears the head. Good for those with too many things on the mind. Also great for relieving cold and flu symptoms, clears the nose and chest congestion.

* Retail Price
MBPMS 100 ml S$15.90   
MBPM1L 1 litre S$79.90  

  German Arnica Massage Oil 




Reduce Inflammation, soothe muscle ache, treat sprains, bruises, tendon strains.



Arnica is a bright yellow, daisy-like flower, and ointments made from the flowering heads have been used in natural medicine for hundreds of years. It is extremely popular in Germany and over 100 drug preparations are made from the plant.

Arnica is used to soothe muscle aches, reduce inflammation, and heal wounds.

The active components in arnica are sesquiterpene lactones, which are known to reduce inflammation and decrease pain. Arnica works by stimulating the activity of white blood cells that perform much of the digestion of congested blood, and by dispersing trapped, disorganized fluids from bumped and bruised tissue, joints and muscles.

Arnica is known to stimulate blood circulation (and can raise blood pressure). The plant is used externally for arthritis, burns, ulcers, eczema and acne. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities that can reduce pain and swelling, improving wound healing.

Arnica is recommended for, arthritis, rheumatism, sore or painful joints, tendon strain, sprains, swellings and dispersing trapped fluids from bumped and bruised tissue, joints and muscles .


* Retail Price
MBARN 100 ml S$29.90   

  Carrot Root Massage Oil 




Good for dry skin, hair and scalp.



Carrot has been regarded by ancient healers as the 'herbal healer' of skin diseases

This extraction of the essence of dried carrot roots into sweet almond oil is extremely high in Betacarotine, and vitamins A and E. (This oil is sometimes confused with the carrot seed essential oil which is obtained by steam distillation of carrot seed.)

It is beneficial to hair and skin and for dehydrated skin. Wonderful for acne as well.

Topical application of Carrot oil is said to promote the formation of new cells and stimulate the production of sebum in dry skin and scalp.

It is also recommended by some to help prevent sun damage. Contains Vitamin A, which is a mild natural UV filter.

Please be aware that this extract, like many of the other Betacarotine rich extracts, is deep orange and may temporarily color your skin if you use too much of it.


* Retail Price
MBCAR 100 ml S$29.90   

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We have an exclusive range of special massage oil blends that is used for working with specific problems.

We can also help you customize signature blends exclusively for your spa use, contact us at 6285 7080 to find out more.

* We have special discounts for massage students, massage salons and spas in Singapore. Contact us for the Student/Professional price.