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Spa Body Treatments

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  Stress Release Sugar Glow

An extremely relaxing body scrub made with pure sugar and essential oils. Pure sugar crystals gently exfoliate the skin, while the essential oils of Lavender and Geranium to nourish and pamper the skin, leaving it with a soft glow.

Sugar scrubs are finer and softer than Salt scrubs, and are great for sensitive skins.

* Retail Price
SBSRSG 1 litre S$46.50
  Anti-Aging Red Wine Sugar Glow

A lovely body scrub that removes dead skin and keeps the skin feeling and looking young. 

Made with pure sugar and Red wine extracts that is a rich anti-oxidant. The anti-oxidants contained in the Red Wine extracts have an incredible capacity to fight free radicals, and therefore fight aging.

* Retail Price
SBWINESG 1 litre S$46.50
  Uplifting Coffee Sugar Glow

A decadent treat for your body and senses, our luxurious Coffee Sugar Glow is blended with nutrient oils and pure essential oils. 

Gourmet coffee beans provide a refreshing lift to the mind and pure cane sugar exfoliates your skin to a soft glow.  Your skin will love you.

* Retail Price
SBCFSG 1 litre S$46.50
  Eucalyptus Sugar Glow

A cleansing and refreshing sugar scrub made with pure Eucalyptus essential oils that helps clear heavy heads and awakens the mind.

While at the same time, the sugar provides a gentle but effective scrub.

Great as a detoxifying body scrub.

* Retail Price
SBECSG 1 litre S$46.50
  Relaxing Salt Glow

A special blend of pure essential oils of Ylang Ylang and Rose, that helps relax tense muscles. 

This lovely floral blend of oils will calm you down while the salt scrub helps rejuvenate the skin to a healthy glow.

* Retail Price
SBRLSTG 1 litre S$46.50
  Refreshing Peppermint Salt Glow

An uplifting body scrub that cleanses the skin and mind.

The refreshing peppermint essential oils provides a boost to tired minds and bodies.

And the pure salt scrub exfoliates the body to leave behind baby soft skin.

* Retail Price
SBPMSTG 1 litre S$46.50
  Tamarind Fruit Salt Glow

An exotic salt scrub blended with extracts of Tamarind that softens the skin and attacks free radicals with its anti-oxidant properties.

Tamarind fruit also helps relieve gastric and digestion problems.


* Retail Price
SBTAMSTG 1 litre S$46.50
  Slimming Black Pepper Salt Glow

The Black Pepper salt glow is used in slimming and detoxifying therapy, to exfoliate the skin and increase circulation, thus helping break down cellulite in the process.

Black pepper has also been used for soothing deep tissue muscle aches and pains.

* Retail Price
SBBPSTG 1 litre S$46.50
  Australian Sea Salt Scrub

For bright, smooth, baby-like skin, try our salt scrub all over the body (not face) to exfoliate and remove dead skin.

A blend of aromatic essential oils and pure sweet almond oil, combined with natural Australian sea salt. Creating a scrub that is a truly unique and effective exfoliant that is luxurious, moisturizing, non-drying. In addition it helps improve your circulation. 

Available in:

i)   Relaxing Lavender
ii)  Peaceful Chamomile
iii) Uplifting Orange
iv) Detoxifying Ginger
v)  Custom Blend (Call to Check)
* Retail Price
SBAUSR500 500 ml S$37.50
SBAUSR1L 1 litre S$63.50
  Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Dead Sea salt is found at the lowest point in the world - The Dead Sea bordering Israel in the Persian Gulf. 

Dead Sea salts are highly concentrated with 26 essential minerals from the Dead Sea
such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc and other minerals.

These salts soften, nourish, cleanse and refresh your skin.
And are effective in relieving muscular pain and stress-induced tension.

This provides vital nutrients to dull, dry skin.

Medical research and multiple studies have proved beyond all doubt the efficacy of these minerals in treating ailments like psoriasis, acne, and rheumatism.

Available in:

i)    Relaxing Lavender
ii)    Peaceful Chamomile
iii)   Uplifting Orange
iv)   Minty Peppermint
v)    Calming Eucalyptus
vi)   Detoxifying Ginger
vii)  Custom Blend (Call to Check)




* Retail Price
SBDSR500 500 ml S$47.50
SBDSR1L 1 litre S$80.00
  Rose Petal Body Scrub

Our luxurious Rose Petal Body Scrub gently cleanses and refreshes the skin with crushed rose petals and pure lavender oil.

The body scrub exfoliates and revitalises the skin leaving it smooth and clean. And the crushed rose petals leaves your skin smelling like roses.
* Retail Price
SBRS500 500 ml S$25.00
SBRS1L 1 litre S$46.70
  Kaffir Lime Cream Scrub

An exotic Natural Therapy Thai scrub that smells wonderful and gently exfoliates your skin leaving it soft and fresh. 

Infused with the essence of Kaffir Lime and cloves to tone and restore the elasticity of the skin. 

This body scrub is rich in natural elements, helping the skin to maintain great tone and a beautiful texture. 

The healing combination of lime and tea leaves refreshes the mind and balances the body.



* Retail Price
SBLIMECS 1 litre S$65.00
  Detoxifying Ginger Cream Scrub

Natural Therapy Ginger scrub is made with freshly grated ginger that has a wonderful warming scent. 

Ginger is calming and helps relieve stomach cramps, indigestion and excessive wind in the stomach. 

A perfect scrub after over eating or for clearing a hangover.


* Retail Price
SBGINCS 1 litre S$65.00
  Mocha Coffee Cream Scrub

Natural Therapy Mocha coffee scrub is a creamy body scrub made with premium arabica coffee beans. 

The pure coffee beans improve lymphatic drainage which helps remove toxins from the body. While the silky cream gently moisturises the skin. 

* Retail Price
SBCFCS 1 litre S$65.00
  Luxurious Chocolate Cream Scrub

Our luxurious dark chocolate body scrub is made with premium cocoa beans. 

The creamy scrub gently exfoliates your skin leaving it clean and refreshed. 

And the rich chocolate refreshes and nourishes the tired mind and body, bringing a smile to the face.


* Retail Price
SBCHCS 1 litre S$65.00
  Tropical Coconut Cream Scrub

Our Tropical Coconut Cream Scrub is an extremely moisturising cream scrub, with a beautiful refreshing coconut scent.

Pure Coconut deeply hydrates the skin, and is perfect for sun damaged or extremely dry skin. And the cream scrub helps to mildly exfoliate the skin.

* Retail Price
SBCOCS 1 litre S$65.00
  Antioxidant Red Wine Cream Scrub

A gentle body scrub that removes dead skin and moisturizes the skin so that it feels and looks young again. 

Made with Red wine extracts that is rich in antioxidants. The anti-oxidants contained in the Red Wine extracts have an incredible capacity to fight free radicals, and therefore fight aging.

A lovely scrub that can also be used as a body wrap or body moisturiser.

* Retail Price
SBRWCS 1 litre S$65.00
  Slimming Grapefruit Cream Scrub

Natural Therapy special slimming Grapefruit cream scrub is made with pure Grapefruit extracts. Grapefruit aids the body in its process of breaking down fats. It can be used as a body scrub, a body wrap or as a massage cream.

The cream helps with fatty deposits and cellulite problems by increasing the circulation and detoxifying the system.

* Retail Price
SBGFCS 1 litre S$65.00
  Skin Regeneration Ginseng Cream Scrub

Our pure Ginseng body scrub is made with premium ginseng extracts. 

When applied to the skin, ginseng has been shown to assist the cellular function of skin cells and aid skin cell regeneration. It is useful in combating wrinkles and the visible signs of aging.

The creamy scrub gently exfoliates your skin leaving it clean and refreshed. While the ginseng extracts help combat free radicals, revitalising your skin to make it smoother and younger looking.


* Retail Price
SBGSENCS 1 litre S$65.00
  Healing Pure Honey Cream Scrub

Our Pure Honey cream scrub gently exfoliates your skin leaving it clean and refreshed. Honey helps combat free radicals, is vitamin rich and revitalises your skin to make it smoother and younger looking. 

Honey has anti-inflammatory properties which make it good for damaged or sunburned skin.

* Retail Price
SBHONCS 1 litre S$65.00
  Juicy Honeydew Melon Cream Scrub

Our juicy Honeydew melon body scrub gently exfoliates your skin leaving it clean and soft. And the refreshing Honeydew flavour refreshes the tired mind and body, bringing a smile to the face.

A lovely scrub that can also be used as a body wrap or a wonderful smelling body moisturiser


* Retail Price
SBMELONCS 1 litre S$65.00

Milky Fresh Oatmeal Cream Scrub

Natural Therapy Milky Oatmeal scrub will gently exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling soft, with a beautiful milk & oats scent. 

Oatmeal helps with wrinkles, and helps damaged skin heal. The fresh oatmeal gently exfoliates and nourishes the skin, moisturising the skin and helping it maintain its elasticity.


* Retail Price
SBOATCS 1 litre S$75.00

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