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Other Titles



Secrets of Ayurveda
Karen Sullivan, Harish Verma

Showing how to use Ayurvedic healing to bring harmony to the mind, body and spirit, this volume is part of the "DK secrets of ..." series which offers a juxtaposition of theory and practice, providing full explanations in an attempt to demystify each subject and show how best to apply it



Facelift at Your Fingertips: An Aromatherapy Massage Program for Healthy Skin and a Younger Face
Pierre Jean Cousin

Pierre Jean Cousin shows you how. Nourish your skin and add glow to your complexion at little cost with this complete, holistic approach to skin care.

Give yourself a home spa treatment with homemade recipes for facial masks, tonics, and creams using essential oils, clay, nuts, fruit, and honey.

Using essential oils and fingertip massage, readers will learn techniques to help prevent and even reverse the effects of aging on the skin. Includes easy-to-follow exercises and directions for making therapeutic facial masks, tonics, and lotions using all-natural ingredients to protect and tone the skin and reduce wrinkles.



Indian Face Massage
Narendra Mehta 

The Art of Indian Face Massage introduces a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that slows down the aging process, irons out those wrinkles, and leaves you looking like you've had a natural facelift. 

Each massage technique is clearly illustrated with colour photos and step-by-step instructions.



The Power of Reiki : An Ancient Hands-On Healing Technique
Tanmaya Honervogt


The word "Reiki" describes the boundless universal energy that flows through all living things. When tapped, this current works on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels, healing all types of pain and discomfort through relaxation and touch. 


The Power of Reiki is a step-by-step, fully-illustrated handbook that introduces every aspect of Reiki:

*The specific Reiki hand positions used to treat migraines, sinusitis, menstrual problems, arthritis, back pain, depression, tension, and many other conditions in oneself and others

A practical, beautiful guide to Reiki stages I, II, and III, The Power of Reiki contains all readers will need to incorporate the tremendous healing power of this ancient art into their daily lives.




The Book of Incense: Enjoying the Traditional Art of Japanese Scents
Kiyoko Morita


This book is a very quick read and will give the reader a good overview of Japanese incense use. If you have never been exposed to Japanese incense burning, you are in for a treat.

If you are looking for an in-depth book about incense use or incense making, you might read other books first. It is still totally worthwhile to all incense users. 






Cat Massage : A Whiskers to Tail Guide to Your Cat's Ultimate Petting Experience
Mary Jean Ballner


skillfully administered massage provides sublime relaxation and the feeling of intense well-being for your cat! Cat massage is recognized by veterinarians as an essential form of pet care, providing:

- Relaxation to tense, overworked muscles
- Improved strength coordination and circulation
- Flexibility to stiff joints
- Ease and cooperation in grooming and when visiting the vet
- A trusting, loving bond between you and your cat

But, most important, it just feels good. Cat Massage gives you all the skills you need, including:

The 6 Basic Massage Strokes: Gliding, Waving, Circling, Kneading Flicking, and Rubbing
50 Massage Techniques from Whiskers to Tail
Advice for Pregnant Cats, Elderly Cats, Injured Cats, and Kittens
Advanced Techniques and "White Glove Treatments"
How to "Voice Massage"







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