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Books by Topic



Massage Techniques

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Complete Body Massage Hands-On Manual
Fiona Harold

Learn the step-by-step techniques for giving a complete body massage with this full-color practical handbook that anyone can follow! You'll learn how to use specially designed therapeutic techniques for alleviating lower-back pain, soothing and relieving stress, loosening tight neck and shoulder muscles, healing sports injuries, bringing physical and emotional relaxation.



The Complete Illustrated Guide to Massage
Stewart Mitchell

Touch is a basic necessity for health and well-being that defies barriers of language or age. Massage reduces stress and relieves anxiety, soothes pain and discomfort, and cures insomnia. 


Filled with full-color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, this encyclopedia of treatments and techniques teaches how to harness the healing power of massage. 




MASSAGE: The definitive visual reference
Clare Maxwell Hudson

In this, her ultimate guide, Clare Maxwell-Hudson demonstrates in massage master classes, traditions and routines from around the world with the aid of innovative and time-lapse photography by Sandra Lousada



The Aromatherapy Massage Book
Clare Maxwell-Hudson 

Informative, inspiring and beautifully illustrated, this book is essential reading for anyone who wishes to experience the pleasures and benefits of massage with essential oils.




The Complete Illustrated Guide to Reflexology 
Inge Dougans 

This comprehensive, full-colour guide to the gentle art of reflexology reveals how therapeutic foot massage can relieve stress and promote health and well-being. 


Beautifully illustrated and full of specially commissioned photographs, this practical guide includes: the history of reflexology, the anatomy of feet, the meridian system, basic techniques & a thorough reference section.



Rolfing: Reestablishing the Natural Alignment and Structural Integration of the Human Body for Vitality and Well-Being
Ida P. Rolf


This seminal work made its debut in 1977, and it has since remained the most important reference for Rolfers around the world. In this new edition, the late Dr. Rolf illustrates her theory and practice of Structural Integration, which brings the body into alignment and balance by manipulation of the connective tissue. Rolfing has helped thousands of people to stand taller, look better, move with greater ease, and have a greater sense of vitality and well-being.

This is the original and classic text, with more than 600 illustrations and photographs.



Rolfing Structural Integration What It Achieves, How It Works and Whom It Helps
Hans Georg Brecklinghaus

Hans Georg Brecklinghaus is a Certified Advanced Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner. He practices since 1983 and has written various essays for professional journals.

The Rolfing method of Structural Integration reorganizes and improves body-structures through connective tissue manipulation and movement education. When human body-structure is aligned with gravity, posture will improve and movement will become easier and more fluid.



The Thai Massage Manual: Natural Therapy for Flexibility, Relaxation and Energy Balance
Maria Mercati


Explore the powerful secrets of Thai massage--a vigorous technique that will enhance your health, happiness, and wholeness, and create a fresh, stimulating, giving-receiving relationship between you and your partner.


Like other forms of massage, you employ a flowing sequence of stretches, but instead of using only your fingers, pressure is applied with thumbs, palms, elbows, knees, and feet. It has been called "yoga in action," with its emphasis on relaxing your mind, restoring your energy, and conditioning your body. 


Full-color photographs of every move match still shots with superimposed artwork that indicates the directions of the movements you make. Each technique is clearly explained and its benefits detailed. More than most massage techniques, Thai massage enhances the bond between partners, with its unity of mind and body, and its harmony of body and body. 





Thai Bodywork: Treatments to Stretch, Tone and Promote Wellbeing
Eleanor McKenzie

The stress of everyday life has you tied in a knot. Your thoughts are jumbled, your body is tense, and your nerves are twisted tight. Loosen yourself up and restore balance to your life through the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of Thai bodywork. 


Use the basic Thai techniques introduced here to stimulate energy flow, increase flexibility, and tone the muscles. A combination of rocking, stretching and breathing exercises soothes your nerves and improves relaxation. 



Thai Yoga Massage: How to Use Traditional Thai Massage, Yoga, and Breathwork for Healing and Spiritual Harmony
Kira Balaskas
This is a clear, beautifully illustrated full color book that explains the background to this exciting massage therapy and leads the reader through a session: from using chanting and visualization, to preparing to give a massage, to step-by-step instructions on all the important massage techniques and yoga postures.



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