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Chart of the Spinal Nerves


Size: 51 cm  x 66 cm



 CH8024 LAM


Chart of the Human Lymphatic System


Size: 51 cm  x 66 cm



 CH8937 LAM


Book of 30+ complete charts of the human body, including Muscular system, Lymphatic system, nervous system, digestive system etc

Size: 28 cm x 35 cm



A collection of 37 medical school quality charts of all the anatomical parts of the human body. Provides a general overview of the major systems, structures and diseases of the human body.


Size: 28 cm x 35 cm



This set of 2 charts labels the specific muscles that are affected by trigger points. Featured are primary and secondary pain sensitive zones.

Size: 51 cm x 66 cm

 CHTRPC-P  (2 pc)


 CHTRPC-LAM  (2 pc)


Informative multi colored charts offer a large scale display of the anatomical relationships between the foot and hand reflexes and the corresponding areas of the body.

Comes laminated for durability

Size: 43 cm x 79 cm


 CHFWC20-LAM (Foot)


 CHHWC20-LAM (Hand)


A color coded illustration of meridians, source points, alarm points and chi control points shown from 3 different views. 

Size: 61 cm x 91 cm



This chart combines 3 separate views and many smaller illustrations on one chart. Concentrating on channel point positions, it also includes the major extra points with contraindication.

Size: 58 cm x 91 cm



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